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"After I had written half a dozen or so Melissa Craig mysteries it occurred to me that there might come a time when it would be difficult to devise feasible situations when an amateur sleuth might become involved in murder. Also, I felt like a change from the traditional "cosy" village mystery.

"My editor at the time was not keen on the idea, despite my assurances that I wasn't abandoning Melissa altogether. But I went ahead anyway and created Sukey Reynolds. She is a Scene of Crime Officer in her thirties with a rapidly maturing teenage son, a boyfriend in the CID and an ex-husband in the background who causes problems from time to time.

"Naturally, her work routinely brings her into direct contact with crime at various levels and her official remit is limited to the collection of evidence. But before her marriage she was a police officer with ambitions to join the CID, and when it comes to murder she finds herself irresistibly drawn into the hunt for the killer. This tendency leads her into dangerous situations and incurs the active disapproval of DI Jim Castle."

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